Poisonous Plants

Horse owners need to monitor their pastures, property, and even hay for occasional poisonous plants. Horses can become ill very quickly if they consume food their stomach cannot digest, unlike humans – horses cannot throw up toxic food.
Note: This page is not for advice but a reference, contact your vet if you have concerns.

Do not let your horses eat these plants:

Tropical Soda Apples
Solanum viarum Dunal

These plants are not native to Florida, many horse owners may see these growing out on their property or even accidentally hidden in their horse’s hay.

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These are common throughout the horse pastures in Florida and spread quickly.




Creeping Indigo

Common throughout Florida, this plant causes neurological disorders to horses. Learn more about Creeping Indigo here: Nina’s Warriors
Photo (c) Habitat for Horses.


Bracken Fern

Very common in wooded areas throughout Florida.

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The horse pictured on the right accidentally ate Foxtail that was in their hay.

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More Examples:


Good rule of thumb: Do not let bright plants/flowers grow in your horse’s pasture, better to remove it than risk them getting sick.