Gift Ideas for Horse People

saddleboxSaddle Box

A monthly subscription box that arrives in the mail full of horse related items. Each month is something different. Learn more at:

bisHome Decor

A online store called Back In the Saddle sells quality home decor pieces from pictures, shower curtains, model horses, to even clothing, jewelry and accessories. The picture above is available with customized names on the tree. Check out for more gift ideas.

Etsy has some stuff!
For more personal and unique gift ideas, check out etsy!

Custom Horse brushes!

Custom stickers and decals


Custom Barn Signs or Stall Name Plates

12/12/15 : Enjoy your day at the Spa Tomris, we all need a day to relax now and then ♥
Spa & Massage

Most riders might enjoy a gift card to their local spa or massage place.

*Horses like massages too!